In addition to the signature works displayed in my portfolio, I also work on commission to create special works of art tailored to my customers' wishes. Below are some price ranges for different pieces and styles. Contact me for the most up-to-date pricing for my murals, paintings, and decorative designs.

Handpainted murals

I enjoy bringing custom art to the walls of homes and businesses. I use only the best acrylic paint for a lasting and eyecatching decoration. Pricing is by the square foot, but also complexity and numbers of colors used must be factored in, so contact me for a custom quote. (Can range from $15/square foot up to $30/square foot.)

Commissioned paintings and drawings

I can create a new original painting (not a print) from my compositions that you see here in my portfolio, but in a size of your choice. No two paintings will be the same. Ink drawing on wallpaper is one of my signature media styles; I suggest working with a wallpaper style from your home as the base for a unique and eye-catching piece of art.

Sizes and estimated price ranges:

      8x10:  $50 - $100
    11x14:  $75 - $125
    16x20: $125 - $200
    18x24: $175 - $250


See my portfolio for examples of these personable and colorful caricatures of animals and people. Whether of a favorite pet or a scene from your "happy place," these artworks are less expensive than a painting and have personality, appealing to everyone! Price: 8x10 - $30 - $50

Decorative items

As you can see in my portfolio, I also paint shoes, aprons and small furniture items such as chairs and stools. Prices vary depending on complexity, but usually range from $40 for a simple shoe design up to $150 for a larger, complex design with several colors. Contact me to discuss what you want!


I accept payment via check, money order, or cash.